Unique Winter Destinations


There are fewer pleasures than escaping the cold and dreary weather in the winter and stepping off of the airplane to be greeted by the sunshine in a warm and relaxing location. While the classic winter locations are absolutely wonderful, we also wanted to share a few of our personal favorite winter destinations with you.


Why should you visit Australia in the winter? 

While the International Dateline may make traveling to Australia seem intimidating, it’s really not. It's 12 hours from LA to Italy; it's 13.5 hours from LA to Australia. While Australia is considered a year-round destination, it is a fantastic “winter” destination because the weather in the southern hemisphere is opposite the weather in the northern hemisphere. So, from November-March, the weather is warm, and there is a plethora of fun, engaging, and incredible experiences and activities to do during these months. Not to mention, the exchange rate: One US dollar buys about 1.47 AUD. Your dollar goes far.

What is there to do in Australia? 

There is so much to do in Australia! The country is about as big as the United States, so there are countless activities and adventures to experience while you’re there. Although this may seem like a lot, there is absolutely no pressure to see the entire country in one trip. In fact, the different regions can help cater trips to exactly what you want and need. Want to lounge on the beach and kayak with dolphins? Visit Byron Bay. Do you enjoy seeing native wildlife up close? Head to Kangaroo Island. Is wine tasting on the top of your list? Check out Adelaide and the Mornington Peninsula. Desire must-see sites like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, yachting in the harbour, and amazing cuisine? Sydney is a must. Want to see it all but can’t? No worries. Forty-two percent of visitors who see Australia go back in five years. After all, it’s less than 14 hours from LA.

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Canouan, an Island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Why should you visit Canouan in the winter? 

For those desiring to escape the cold snow and rain, Canouan is a remarkable place to visit in the winter. With low temperatures in the high 70s and high temperatures in the mid-80s, it’s the perfect remote island hideaway to visit when it’s cold at home. 

What makes Canouan so appealing? 

There are more tortoises than people on the island. The island is small, it’s only 3.5 miles wide, and it is virtually untouched. Instead of spending vacation surrounded by crowds of people at a busy resort destination and racing to get pool chairs in the morning, travelers can spend their vacation lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun on the beach, playing golf, or hiking the mountain (not to mention parts of Pirates of the Caribbeanwere filmed here). With its exceptional white-sand beaches, this destination is a must.

Kristen Meckem was also quoted in the “These Are the Hottest Travel Destinations to Visit This Winter” article in Reader’s Digest about Canouan!

"For those aiming to flee the cold and precipitation, Canouan is a wonderful choice. It’s not just the warm temperatures and turquoise tides that make it a dreamy Caribbean hideaway. Canouan also has this remote sensibility and far fewer crowds than many of its touristy neighbors. 'Instead of spending your vacation racing to nab pool chairs in the morning, you can laze away the hours by the pool, play golf, and hike,' says Kristen Meckem, an independent travel advisor for Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso Travel agency."

South Africa

Why should you visit South Africa in the winter?

In its summer months, between November and February, the Cape has beautiful, dry weather.  

What makes South Africa so special? 

Africa has touched the inspired and adventurous streak in thousands of people from every walk of life. From Victoria Falls to Mount Kilimanjaro, and The Great Migration to The Okavango Delta, Africa has more animals and birds than any other continent. South Africa is a special place because travelers can meet African Penguins in Boulders Bay, go paragliding with stunning views of Table Mountain, hike and mountain bike, visit and wine taste at some of the Cape’s gorgeous wineries and vineyards, take historical and beautiful walks through town to buy ingredients and then take cooking lessons, and the more adventurous can even go shark cage diving. And, of course, travelers will want to go to Kruger National Park to track the Big Five - lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros - as well as hundreds of different species including giraffe, hyena, zebra, hippos, wild dogs, and countless others. Not only great for game viewing, South Africa is a country that is rich in history, wine, dining, culture, and giving; a perfect place for a culturally enlightening, memory-making, travel experience. 


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