Fogo Island

Photo Credit: Leigh Short

Is Fogo Island a great destination for you?

Take our quiz to find out!

Sunset photo credit: Leigh Short

1. Let me call you sweetheart… And Darling… And Love. Do you enjoy the kindness of good people?

From getting called “Darling” and “Love” everywhere to welcoming and accommodating 6,700 stranded travelers during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Newfoundland as a whole is filled to the brim with the kindest people. No one locks their doors, everyone greets each other, and their hospitality is beyond compare. At one point during my stay on Fogo Island, I asked one of the locals what the police presence is on this peaceful and kindly island. “We have three policemen,” she said, “and that’s probably a couple more than we need.”

2. Do you love natural beauty? Rocky coast lines with shorebirds and pelagic birds and photogenic natural beauty? And perhaps an obsession with the Atlantic puffin?

The raw beauty of this subarctic island off of another island is breathtaking and awe inspiring. Activities in this stunning place include hiking, fishing, and birdwatching/wildlife viewing from land or sea.

The “Shack” is the building out back where crab feasts are held nightly at the  Fogo Island Inn .

The “Shack” is the building out back where crab feasts are held nightly at the Fogo Island Inn.

3. Do you love a wonderful story of community? How a local woman moved away to make her fortune in fiber optic’s, and then she returned to the community to build an Inn that gave back to support the locals?

After being settled by the Irish and the English, Fogo Island was primarily known for its dried cod. The fish supported the economy of Fogo Island until the fish disappeared in the 1990s. When the fish disappeared, very hard times fell upon the island. A charity called “Shorefast” was created to promote cultural and economic resiliency for Fogo Island, and the award-winning Inn was built on the principles of sustainability and respect for nature and culture. The Inn became, and continues to be, a community asset: 100% of operating surpluses are reinvested into the community to help secure a sustainable and resilient future for Fogo Island.

4. Do you love design and architecture?

“Stages”—used to gut and prepare fish for salting—were part of the inspiration for the design of Fogo Island Inn. The interior walls are inspired by the local homes where grandmothers had layered wallpaper. The trim and shelving are painted seafoam green, the color of Fogo Island. Handmade furniture and quilts are primarily made locally. Where whimsy and color meet function and form; a view from above shows the Inn in the shape of an X, representing where old meets new.

5. Do you love locally sourced food and upscale cuisine, and are you just as easily pleased with the grilled cheese and homemade bread at the local café? Can you be happy without McDonald’s and Starbucks?

The hotel restaurant is led by Executive Chef Jonathan Gushue, and the inn’s culinary team uses ingredients that are fished, farmed, and foraged right on the subarctic island. Guests can enjoy breakfast in the dining room, and they also receive a cute basket outside their door every morning with muffins and hot coffee or tea. All meals and snacks are included. Not to mention, the special amenities you receive when you book through Kristen Meckem Travel.


6. Do you hate waiting in line? Especially ferry lines?

At Fogo Island Inn, your car is driven to the ferry line 12 hours before it departs, and then a driver takes you to your car, which is first in line for the ferry. To top it all off, the driver hands you a lunch to take with you. Of course, if you prefer a private driver (rather than self-driving), we can arrange that and still send you to the front of the line.

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If you answered YES to these questions, Fogo Island is for you. Contact us to arrange your stay, and let’s get you to this breathtaking destination!

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