Already having a great time!!! Thanks for the personal touch… a fantastic trip to BC. Thank you so much for helping it be a success and making me feel special for my 50th! Next up planning Southeast Asia with you!!!
— Maura R.
We are back and had a wonderful time. Everything went nicely and of course, Scotland is beautiful. Thanks so much for all the work that you did for us.
— Barbara J.
Sometimes, it might seem like the best value to book hotels by yourself. But, honestly, if you want to get pampered while traveling, you should definitely talk to Kristen Meckem Travel! When we arrived at our hotel, our room was upgraded (we are now on the club level!), we had snacks waiting in our room, AND we get breakfast in bed each day we stay here, (yes, it’s included in our booking). Thank you so so much for always making our travel experiences so wonderful. This is unbelievable!
— Abigail B.
My friend Kristen Wile Meckem is an amazing travel advisor, specializing in luxury accommodations. She puts so much time and thought into every high-end travel package she puts together for her clients. If you are wanting to plan that once in a life time trip I highly recommend Kristen.
— Sheryl B.
For all of you out there who are in the throes of wedding planning: I highly recommend reaching out to a travel advisor for your honeymoon. With all of the stress that comes with wedding planning, there is no need for you to stress over planning a special vacation, too. Kristen has an unbelievable network of resources and partners that will take you and your new spouse anywhere you can imagine: an Un-Cruise up to Alaska to see all of the incredible and raw wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, a striking and historical cruise from Alsace to Amsterdam with wine tasting and castles, an African Safari full of elephants, giraffes, lions, and hyenas, or an extraordinary trip Down Under to witness Australia’s striking Opera House, a helicopter ride over coral reefs, and a visit to Kangaroo Island. Tell Kristen Meckem your travel dreams, and she will include each one of them in an unforgettable honeymoon completely catered to you.
— Abigail B.
Another slam dunk trip! Easy and fun. Always well cared for. Kristen is like having a mom or a personal assistant!
— Martha M.
We have enjoyed working with you so much. We told everyone about you. You were great! There was nothing we would change. It was a great trip. You couldn’t have done better. Thank you so much!
— Gail and Tom J.
Kristen! This property is AMAZING… We were upgraded to a gorgeous room on the top floor…and the service has been outstanding. Thank you so much for your part in making this a beautiful birthday celebration. xoxo
— Paige D.
Very easy to work with, responsive and courteous.
— Kris B.
Kristen was a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and professional.
— Catie S.
Kristen was great – responsive to questions, proactive with ideas. Crystal clear communications. Great follow-up.
— Tom K.
Kristen provided top notch service and accommodations. She went the extra mile to have extras for us at every step of the way. Working with Kristen is easy and she handles all the details making it easy for us.
— Jill K.
Awesome experience!! Kristen Meckem is a fabulous person to work with. Very organized and professional. Easy to communicate with and very responsive. Would highly recommend her and plan to use her for future travel.
— Denise H.
Working with Kristen is so fun! and easy! She is patient and receptive to questions, emails, feedback. She plans a seamless trip tailored for what you need. Somehow she manages to plan a trip my daughters, my husband, and myself all find perfect!
— Betsy A.
Kristen has exquisite taste and a wonderful understanding of how to pair hotels, restaurants, and experiences with her clients, based on extensive advance conversations, and an innate feel about what will best suit their needs. Thank you for the lovely, off-the-beaten path suggestion that became a highlight of our European vacation, Kristen!
— Julie C.
Kristen puts a personal touch on everything she organizes and books. She has high standards and makes sure our stay is easy and memorable with great amenities. We look forward to planning future trips with her. Thanks Kristen!
— Maura R.
Kristen provides over the top exceptional service in a timely way. She offers options and looks for the best scenario without me asking for it. Seamless and perfect!
— Jill K.
My husband and I had a fabulous trip to Santa Barbara. Kristen plans every detail for us.
— Jenny C.
Kristen was fabulous to work with. The resort was amazing and our room had a beautiful view of the Carribean. Thank you Kristen for planning a wonderful vacation.
— Jill C.
It is always so easy to work with Kristen! She makes travel life simple with her thoughtful help. She is always one step ahead so nothing goes awry. Her cheeriness is just a bonus! Thanks to Kristen I travel with a light heart.
— Martha M.
Thank you for your attention to details while creating a fabulous honeymoon itinerary. When did we start working on this......a year ago? The process has been most enjoyable. I feel like you are more than our travel agent! They are indeed going to have a spectacular trip. We may repeat it one day as old honeymooners. For now, I will travel vicariously through them! Many thanks
— Penny M
Very satisfactory. Seamless. Spot on.
— Ken B.
Kristen Meckem Travel, you truly have a special gift! The extra touches (champagne, sea views, expeditions) made it truly the most spectacular adventure. Mike and I can’t thank you enough for putting together the honeymoon of our dreams!
— Tennessee A.
Kristen, just want to thank you for assisting us with the trip to the Caymans! Susan was very happy and this makes it very special to me. Thank you again and until the next one.
— Luiz Y.
Thank you Kristen Wile Meckem for planning our trip to France, including our river cruise! Cannot say enough about all the small details you catch and take care of, so that we can truly relax and enjoy our vacation! You are the best!
— Nicole E.
Thank you for everything… It has been a trip of a lifetime with my precious husband. I’m overwhelmed with the attention to detail and can’t explain the joy we are experiencing.
— April G.
You would not believe the four seasons. They upgraded me to a suite that is even bigger than the one I had before with panoramic views and did not charge me a dime. I am having a blast! Snoop Dog asked me why I got a better upgrade than he did! You’re the best!
— Jeff B.
Can’t thank you enough. Was truly amazing. Not a single bad experience. Exceeded my expectations and have given your name out twice already. Thanks again.
— Gil G.
Kristen was organized, had great ideas, easy to work with, and created not just a trip but an EXPERIENCE. We spent most of our trip in Bali and a few days scuba diving at Wakatobi. Our accommodations were amazing and she did a great job finding places that could meet our dietary needs with delicious healthy food. (We are vegetarian.) We highly recommend Kristen, have already referred her to friends, and look forward to working with her on future trips. Thanks Kristen!!!
— Maura R
Effortless, perfect travel with Kristen Working with Kristen Meckem is easy, breezy and perfect!
Kristen intuitively knows what we want. I think that this comes from her innate sense of style, her intelligence, her own travel experience (vast), her professionalism, her follow through, her contacts, and her joi de vie! So wonderful to have her plan a trip. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she sets the wheels in motion for yet another adventure in my life. Can’t wait for my next Kristen trip!

So happy to have her as my “Travel Team Leader”! Thanks Kristen!
— Martha M.
Kristen has exquisite taste and a wonderful understanding of how to pair hotels, restaurants, and experiences with her clients, based on extensive advance conversations, and an innate feel about what will best suit their needs.
Thank you for the lovely, off-the-beaten path suggestion that became a highlight of our European vacation, Kristen!
— Julie C.
Kristen, you took a trip that we had been wanting to do for 10 years and made it everything we could have wanted and more. I can not express enough how amazing you and your talented travel knowledge made our trip the best it could possible be. I can not recommend you highly enough and can’t wait to tell anyone who is interested that I don’t think we will ever take a big trip without you again! Thank you for all your time and expertise. You are priceless!
— Beth D.
WOW! What an awesome trip! Loved the two totally different Hawaiian experiences!! You’re the best, it was awesome! Thank you!!
— Jodi W.
Thank you for all of your efforts in helping to plan my trip to Ojai Valley Inn and Spa! My sister and I had such a wonderful time together, and the Inn and Spa were just perfect. You are one in a million, and I appreciate you so much.
— Denise S.
I can’t thank you enough. The Sicily hotel is outstanding and over the top accommodating. It’s so lovely and we are having such a nice time.  We have a private balcony that has an outstanding view. It is wonderful! Swanky spot here in Rome. I’m very impressed with your connections ! We are UPGRADED! Thank you for your attention to detail. It’s been such a wonderful trip and looking forward to our night in Roma. We enjoyed our trip so much. I can’t thank you enough.
— Jill K.
What a perfect trip Kristen planned for us! From transportation to tours to hotels, it all went smoothly and was fabulous. Her attention to detail and follow through certainly showed. I feel like I pushed not just the EASY button, but the HAPPY button as well!
— Martha M.
Kristen, What a big difference you make. Thank you so very much for all of your kindness and generous help you provided our family with our search for a family vacation. Your friendship is amazing & we are beyond grateful for all you’ve done, simply “totes amazing!” XOXO
— Kristen W & family
Amazing! Kristen is a delight and pays attention to every detail. She is incredibly prompt responding to all emails which is fun because part of the fun is the excitement leading up to a trip. She is knowledgeable and thorough and will exhaust all options to make your trip unforgettable. I feel like i have the most detailed caring travel advisor ever!
— Betsy A.
Kristen was great – responsive to questions, proactive with ideas. Crystal clear communications. Great follow-up.
— Tom B.
Hi Kristen - I just wanted to send you a big thank you for everything you did to make our trip SO special. We had such a fabulous time thanks to all your wonderful help! You are amazing at what you do  It really was the trip of a lifetime and such special memories were made with my parents, aunt and cousin. Thank you so much again.
— Emma M.
Kristen, Thank you so much for all the time and wonderful touches you put into our trip. We had the best time. Cannot wait to plan something again soon!
— Nicole & Mike C.
Kristen is absolutely amazing. My husband and I feel so lucky to have found her. We planned a very last minute trip to Punta Mita and Kristen arranged everything! We had the most fantastic time!
— Jenny C.
Perfection. Responds immediately to your calls, texts, and emails. Answers and explains all your questions with utmost patience. Extremely professional, knowledgeable,and well traveled. If you consult Kirsten, you will never travel again without using her services.
— Jean R.
 Our fabulous “Trip of a Lifetime” started with Kristen’s well thought out planning of our 3 days in Paris. We did the right things for our time there. Loved our darling hotel and restaurants. Next our stay in charming Brugges was fabulous starting with the effusive welcome given by staff at the Chateaux & Relais hotel. They suggested the perfect restaurant and helped with our visit there. Onto Amsterdam and another wonderful hotel booked by Kristen. Canal view, boutique hotel, we were in heaven! Then into our amazing 10 day river barge cruise down the Rhine on a Viking boat. Wow. Having Kristen taking care of all of that planning was a boon. Everything about the cruise was 5 star. We were so well taken care of we felt spoiled! This was a “trip of a lifetime”, but hopefully the first of many more. Huge thanks to Kristen for making this happen so seamlessly. Her professionalism, knowledge and follow through are 5 star +.
— Martha M
The trip you planned for us was excellent. Everything was perfect; from hotels to tour guides to transfers. All 3 of my friends raved about all your choices for us. Rick Steves gives Giverny a one star. Betsy said, “Momma, Rick Steves is not always right; trust Kristen.” So glad I did. It was one of our favorites.Thank you so much for all your help and patience.
— Jean R.
As all of my friends on FB know, I went to Nice & Paris France in June with my Daughter Darci & my Granddaughter Miah. We had a wonderful time. No worries, felt very safe . We owe our wonderful trip to Kristen Wile Meckem, she planned our trip by meeting with us, trying to get all the information she could to make our trip comfortable & fun. We had no problems at all, it went as Kristen Wile Meckem had planned. NO SURPRISES. The best trip ever! Thank you!
— Debi F
I just had to tell you what a fabulous trip Barb and I had! It was even better than I had dreamed – you planned and carried out the most exquisite three weeks that anyone could ever have. I don’t know how you did it! I still can’t believe that I have actually been to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangkok, and Singapore! There was never a glitch! The itinerary, the flights, the fabulous guides, the drivers, the hotels – all of it was perfect. Even my birthday party in Bhutan!
— Lynette W
You are simply amazing. It’s unreal. Each place just gets better!! We had the most amazing week in Italy. Our hotel in Praiano was incredible. Santorini was beautiful! Thank you Kristen Wile Meckem for the beautiful adventure.
— Jenny C.
You nailed it! Thank you for helping us plan a perfect trip to Italy! We had a great time with great weather. Your choices on stay locations/accommodations and tours were spot on. Thank you for making the trip possible and such a great memory! Well done and we are forever grateful.
— Shawn and Jason H.
Kristen Meckem is an outstanding travel advisor. Her recommendations are on point and she goes above and beyond to make sure all the details are perfect. Finding and working with Kristen has elevated my family’s vacations to a new level. 
— Dr. Betsy A.
Good morning and Happy New Year! We are back and finally getting ourselves back together today. What an amazing and unforgettable experience. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work on our behalf. We loved every minute!
— Kaari V. (3 weeks in Australia)
Dear Kristen, Thank you so much for making all the arrangements & tours for our trip to Paris. You are truly such a sweet, kind friend & so good at your job. It’s a pleasure to have met you & now I have a new wonderful friend. I can’t wait for our next trip & I will definitely be calling you! You’re the Best.
— Julie B
A huge thank you to Kristen Wile Meckem Travel for organizing and booking our amazing trip to Belize. She went over and back of the extra mile to make our trip amazing.  She saved me countless hours on the internet nailing a beautiful 5-star resort for us Las Terrazas on Ambergris Caye taking all doubts out of the equation of what our trip would be like. Thank you K! #sheshiredforlife
— Jill K.
I’m presently on a fabulous KWM planned trip to Northern Spain and Southern France and couldn’t be happier! Only halfway through, Woohoo! As a person who’s always planned my own travel, I found myself too preoccupied (WSOP) to plan our summer holiday this year and Kristen was my savior. We are grateful and would recommend her highly. Thank you my beautiful friend
— Aileen B.
Kristen did a fantastic job of vetting our resort property in Roatan, Honduras and was quite helpful in helping us to identify the activities we wanted to pursue. I was very impressed with her attention to all of our need and would highly recommend using her services.
— Mike W.
An enormous Thank You to Kristen Wile Meckem and Kristen Meckem Travel! Planning a three week multi-city vacation out of the country is quite an undertaking. We could have never done it ourselves as organized and seamlessly planned without her assistance. Kristen’s suggestions, attention to detail and resources available to her company made the process headache free and more importantly the TRIP easier to enjoy. Our tickets, vouchers and information were ready when needed so we had more time to be in the moment as a family and as curious (and often weary) travelers. The trip was a perfect balance of sights and tours, relaxation and down time where we could be spontaneous. And eat lots of gelato. Thanks for listening to our requests and wishes and for pulling together a vacation of a lifetime!
— Diane S.
Dear Kristen, we cannot thank you enough for your care of our family. We truly appreciate all of your assistance and work to make our trip a wonderful experience. We look forward to working with you again, but more than that, a beginning to a friendship. Your authenticity and care was felt and appreciated so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for us. You are amazing.
— Tommy, Felicia, and Kendra McKenzie
We truly cannot say enough about Kristen and the amazing service she provides. Her knowledge and organization in planning our trip allowed us to relax and enjoy every moment without worry. Because of Kristen’s attention to detail we were able to move from destination to destination seamlessly. Not a single thing was overlooked – from hotel reservations to show tickets, maps and directions, and even restaurant recommendations. With Kristen’s help, the memories made were so fantastic and will truly last a lifetime.
— Trisha, Jason, Ali, Carley, Grant and Jake E.
Kristen did a fabulous job setting up my business trip to Taiwan.  From door to door transportation to my business clients, to fun filled tours, and fantastic hotels my trip ran smoothly!  Thank you Kristen for making my trip easy.
— Geoff S.
Hello cute Kristen! We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our stay at the Miraval!!!…with a perfect patio and mountain view. Everything was quite perfect. Thank you for our gifts too. Such a lovely way to arrive-with a little note and gift from you! We definitely want to go back next year…Thanks again for being our vacation advocate! 
— Martha M.
Kristen, Fabulous job as always! Hotels, transportation, and interpreter were fantastic!!!! Thanks so much for putting this trip together for me.
— Geoff S.
Kristen is the best travel planner ever! She pays attention to the smallest detail. When we arrived at the lodge, there were balloons, gifts, and a cake for my daughter’s birthday. She is helpful in every way possible! 
— Betsy A.
We’re on a beautiful vacation in the Dominican Republic right now that Kristen set up for us…she’s fabulous! And truly works from the heart. 
— Kate E.
Excellent from the first phone call we made. Easy, smooth, professional, honest and overly accommodating! 
— Molly B.
Thank you again for all your help with our Paris trip! You are the Best! 
— Gretchen W.
Amazing and organized. She made the trip wonderful and special! 
— Mary C.
Hi Kristen how are you today? Has anyone told you you’re the best travel agent in the whole wide world. Well you are! … you’ve been so helpful to us. Anyway I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
— Julie B.
Kristen, this was the best vacation in my life. Can’t wait to tell you all about it. You have done a wonderful job!! Thank you so much!!
— Grace M.
Best Trip Ever! Working with Kristen is so fun! and easy! She is patient and receptive to questions, emails, feedback. She plans a seamless trip tailored for what you need. Somehow she manages to plan a trip my daughters, my husband, and myself all find perfect!
— Dr. Betsy A.
Shopping/Wine tastings get away: Phenomenal!! Kristen knows the Oregon Pinot Wine Country well and organized a wonderful get away. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients vacations are suited for them.
— Jimmy C.
Amazing wine trip! We had an amazing wine trip the the Allison Inn and Spa. 7 girls and loads of fun. We would use Kristen Meckem again in a heartbeat. Thank you for the red carpet amazing time!
— Jenny C.