Tu sei l'unico per me: You're the Only One for Me

Our daughter was recently married on Lake Como, Italy. How did this magical week of joy come together? Working with all Virtuoso partners, of course!

Lake Como Wedding Photographer_2210.jpg
🎶 All the single ladies 🎶

🎶 All the single ladies 🎶

It all began with finding the perfect (pink!) villa that would be a beautiful setting for the wedding. Our Virtuoso partners vet villas around the world so my clients know they are getting the perfect accommodations. 

He's 6'9" and she is 5'2". (Photo by Marion Duven)

He's 6'9" and she is 5'2". (Photo by Marion Duven)

With the perfect setting.

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And a fabulous view.

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Then we needed a fantastic photographer who could capture the event. Did you know we have photographers all over the world who have been vetted by Virtuoso

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Our villa's manager visited every morning to see what we needed. Dining reservations? Florist? Sparklers? Check, check, check.

And our Villa Concierge arranged the other essentials prior to arrival such as a guitarist and the chefs.   

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With all the details organized, we could all relax and be 100% present to celebrate.

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Lake Como Wedding Photographer_2254.jpg
Lake Como Wedding Photographer_2113.jpg

Once a little brother, always a little brother... ;)

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I just love her so much. The crown was first worn by my mom at her wedding and then worn by me in mine. 

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A love story brought to you by Kristen Meckem Travel and Virtuoso

And they lived, and traveled, happily ever after.

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