Plane Perfection: Carry-On Travel Essentials

Whether traveling to a familiar spot or a new destination, these are my top five must-haves for a happy trip.

1. Louis 

My Louis Vuitton Neverfull has never let me down. It fits perfectly on top of my carry-on roller. It fits perfectly under the seat in front of me. And it is never...ever...full. 

2. Cashmere Wrap 

This cashmere poncho is the perfect weight and oh-so-soft. It comes in the most gorgeous colors you can imagine. Throw one on over a pressed white shirt or a casual tank top. Then just add pearls and a messy bun. 

3. Maya Moon Clutch

Inside Louis, it's my wallet. Once I unpack and head to dinner, it's my clutch. It fits an iPhone 6+, my passport, money, Burt's Bees, and blister band-aids. 


4. Lotions and Potions and Readers

Burts Bees and Pré de Provence for me. Readers by Kate Spade or Anthropologie.

5. Colgate Wisp teeny tiny toothbrushes and an empty water bottle. (And always a scarf from Paris.) 

These Colgate Wisps are the best invention in the history of ever. Pre-dressed with a little toothpaste. These are in my Louis, the glove compartment, and the kiddos' backpacks for spontaneous sleepovers. 

Cashmere looks good on you, especially while traveling. Let's get you going. 

Kristen MeckemComment